Kiley Dorton

Hi, I'm Kiley. I spent the past three years as a front-end engineer at AWS. In June 2023, I decided to go independent!

I've been a web developer for over a decade, starting my career in 2011 at an HR tech startup in Atlanta. I moved on to redesign and rebuild an app that helped people find a good fit career, then moved to become CTO of a job board marketplace tech company where we rewrote the frontend from Java Server Pages (JSP) to React and Gatsby. Ultimately, that led me to get a job at AWS where I built cloud applications using React, TypeScript and the AWS CDK. Recently, I've gone back to startup-land by building a full-stack application with Next.js and GraphQL for a company that offers pre-hire assessments and career coaching tools.

This is my personal website and blog. If you'd like to talk about interesting and fun app development projects, please feel free to reach out!

DM me on Twitter: @kiley0
DM me on LinkedIn: in/kileydorton