Kiley Dorton


Hi, I’m Kiley. I am a senior front-end engineer with over 11 years of professional experience building web applications and delivering software projects. I am engaged most when building products and services that help people work on solving important problems, are rewarding to build as a team, and are built with a focus on the user experience, security, maintainability, and performance. My technical specialties include React, JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, REST APIs, cloud application development, user experience design, product design, product strategy, and technical team leadership.

I have designed and built many SaaS applications over the past decade, from recruiting software to healthcare products to subscription-based services. I led the engineering team at a $4M software company as the CTO, and shipped a rebuild of the product followed by monthly releases of many long-awaited features. At AWS, I built consumer-facing SaaS products for a Fortune 500 tire company, back-office applications for the largest energy company in Argentina, and data forecasting tools for internal Amazon packaging innovation teams. In the fall of 2022, I joined an AWS service team as the first front-end engineer, helping to design and build a new service from scratch. I care deeply about helping early-career developers through pair programming, mentoring, tech talks, and community building.

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