Kiley Dorton

My morning prayer

Published on by Kiley Dorton

I repeat this prayer word-for-word every morning.

Thank you for my family, my friends, and my opportunities. Thank you for the time that I have to experience this life.

Thank you…

…for my feet and legs that I may walk

…for my stomach that I may eat and drink

…for my heart that it keeps beating

…for my lungs and arms and back

…for my eyes that I may see the world around me

…for my ears that I may hear the beautiful sounds

…for my mouth and nose that I may breathe

…for my brain that I may think, and my mind that I may understand

Thank you for all these things.

Please help those in need around the world and in my life.

[list the names of countries, groups, and individuals who could use a helping hand at the moment]

Help them to find health, to live in peace, and to thrive in their pursuit of happiness.

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